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I believe that the protection and conservation of our natural lands is one the most important and underfunded agendas worldwide. All across the planet nature is declining at an unprecedented level. Every 30 seconds in America alone a football field worth of natural area disappears to roads, houses, pipelines, and other development. We were meant to be the caretakers of this planet. Instead, we have polluted and ravaged it close to a point of no return.

I am regularly involved in local trail cleanups but unfortunately activism on the part of citizens is only one part of the equation. Funding is needed to maintain the natural areas currently under protection as well as to further the efforts in bringing about additional legislation that will preserve more regions.

In addition to the 10% I take from the money earned giving consultations, I offer prints of my photography where 100% of the proceeds go towards conservation efforts. All the prints are $20.00 + the cost of shipping and printing from the venue you choose. The $20.00 is donated directly to various State and Federally protected lands across the country, many of which are featured in my photography.

The thumbnails in the categories listed above are compressed and meant as a preview. The actual photo is of a much higher resolution and quality. I am more than happy to send you a full preview of the image prior to printing for your review and suggestions for edit. Some of the parks and preserves I have already donated to are listed below. All these places I have a personal connection with having spent hundreds of hours hiking and exploring their trails.

Cheesequake State Park
Holmdel Park
Umstead State Forest
Rocky Mountain National Park
Saguaro National Park
Cattus Island
Sandy Hook Gateway Recreation Area