Welcome to Guiding Light Astrology

Astrology is a noble tradition that has been practiced since antiquity. Its techniques and storage of knowledge have been developed over thousands of years. It is the parent of astronomy and for most of human history they were one science. Fundamentally it is the study of life and our place within the cosmos.

In Astrology, we look to the heavenly bodies, their placements, and the dynamics between them to determine aspects about ourselves and the events occurring in the world around us, both in the past, present, and future.

For many, Astrology doesn’t go far beyond an understanding of one’s Sun sign. However, this is only a tiny portion of what can actually be gained from the practice. Unfortunately over the last few decades Astrology has been trivialized and overly simplified to a point where many no longer have access to the immense value and practical day to day application it provides.

Whether or not the planets determine the events we experience or are simply reflecting what happens is debatable. What is known, however, is that there is a distinct and proven correlation between what we observe with the celestial bodies and what we encounter in our everyday lives. Through this we are given the means to accurately predict future trends and themes.

Society has always had the need for a seer, someone who can accurately interpret subjects involving fate, chance, and freewill. Astrologers play the part of the karmic cartographer, mapping out how the archetypal energies have manifested into your life. In times of uncertainty, it’s comforting to know that we can turn to Astrology in order to find meaning amidst the chaos and attain a greater understanding about the events unfolding in the world.

I use a blend of traditional and modern Astrological methods to gain a fuller understanding of a person’s chart as well as what themes and patterns will present themselves throughout their life. I work with my clients in a fully collaborative manner where we have an open and honest discussion about what I’ve interpreted. I also provide written reports in some instances for things like yearly/monthly transits. I am willing to work with you to provide a tailored approach that best suits your needs and inquiries.

My ultimate goal is to shed a light on areas of your life where there may be confusion, contention, or otherwise unharnessed potential. We each hold within us an amazing blueprint mapping out the greatest versions of ourselves. Astrology can help illuminate the path needed to walk in order to fulfill your life’s true potential.