The Year Ahead

Each year on your birthday you are presented with a new set of opportunities and obstacles which will be revealed throughout the coming months. Using several different astrological techniques, we gain a glimpse into what these events might look like and when they may occur. We essentially view each year as the next chapter in the book that is your life, often times building upon what was accomplished in the previous one. Sometimes we are even given the chance at a completely new beginning.

I use several techniques including annual profections, solar return charts, secondary progressions, transits, and primary directions to discern what can be expected during that year of your life. These approaches are tried and true in my own experience and have yielded the most accurate and consistent results. I then apply the information gained from those methods alongside the potential promised within your natal chart. Using this combination is what allows me to gain the clearest picture possible in regards to the major themes and a general timeline of potential events that may present themselves during the coming year.

It’s important to remember that not all the planets in your natal chart are always active. There are times when some are rather passive while others are being activated by transits and other astrological influences. One of the greatest benefits you can gain by looking at the year ahead is figuring out which planets in your chart are going to be the main actors and how you can expect them perform on the stage of life.

When we’re aware of the potential challenges and opportunities that’ll present themselves in the future, we are better equipped to handle them skillfully and with grace. We can make the most of fortunate times and prepare for harder ones. Even when we may not know the exact nature of the event, we can still identify the general motif of what is coming our way. This is not some form of divination or psychic intuition. This is simply one of many real world applications for astrology which has been practiced long since antiquity.

“The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection…”
– Carl Jung