Synastry Reading

Synastry in Astrology is where we examine the natal charts of two individuals to gain a better understanding of how the planetary positions in each person’s chart will interact with the other’s. We also look at individual placements in each person’s chart to learn its influence on topics such as how they show love, how they seek to be loved, how they nurture, how they communicate, where their passions lie, what their emotional temperaments are, and the list goes on. By gaining a deeper understanding of these aspects, we can see how they will play off one another, what traits they share, where there is polarization, where the blind spots hide, and where tension may occur.

It is good to remember though that tension should not be viewed as an outright negative dynamic. It is through tension that real growth is possible. Our greatest partners in life are the ones that push us into unknown territory. They see past much of what we have layered on the outside, beyond the mask, and straight down to our core, helping us actualize our true path in life.

It’s important to recognize and understand the needs of your partner for a relationship to function harmoniously. Unfortunately not everyone is adept at communicating exactly what they need from their partner. Sometimes we don’t even intrinsically know what our own needs are. This is where synastry can help fill in the blanks. Do you crave individuality or a merging with your lover? Harmony over challenge? Adventure and stimulation in place of stability? How much playfulness does your partner need from you? What sort of intellectual depth do you require? These are the questions that synastry can help clarify.

Before I even begin to examine the aspects between two people as a couple, it’s integral to first understand each person as a separate and unique individual within the relationship. This is why I gain a thorough understanding of each person’s natal chart first and foremost. Only then can we begin to examine you as partners.

Astrology gives us the opportunity to look at a relationship from an objective standpoint where we can clearly understand the needs and nature of each person. It will show us where the bonds are fostered and where the conflicts arise. Astrology also gives us a better knowledge of our own self so that we can recognize the sort of person we are attracted to, how we seek to attract others, and the sorts of challenges that present themselves in our relationships.

By examining your birth chart, we gain an approximate outline of the lovers who will present themselves throughout your life whom facilitate growth. With the help of Astrology we can then learn how to integrate those changes for the better. In order for love to persist throughout our relationships, it requires hard work, perseverance, trust, and an honest understanding of yourself and your partner. Astrology can help provide the basis for those to take root.

Through an analysis of the synastry between two people’s charts we can see why a particular union is working and where it may be struggling, or where it may possibly struggle in the future. We are able to better understand our loved ones as well as ourselves which will not only improve communication but foster a deeper sense of happiness, personal growth, and intimacy with our partner.

As we use synastry in Astrology to examine the charts of our romantic partners, it is just as effective when used to see how we will engage and interact with others in our life such as our brothers, sisters, friends, coworkers, and even parents where oftentimes we see shared aspects between the child and parent perpetuating through generations past down from grandparents and beyond.

When we understand on an intimate level where our partner is coming from, fights become discussions, arguments become moments of growth, and walls are torn down in place of foundations that last a lifetime.