About Me

My name is Craig Dorn and I have been studying astrology since 2018. I have been offering professional consultations since 2021.

The foundation of my education in astrology has been steeped in the Western Hellenistic tradition as well as Egyptian Hermeticism. As my studies broadened, I began to delve more into more modern modes including the psychological and evolutionary schools. While the basis of my interpretation will always have a traditional approach, I do use several contemporary methods and techniques.

I’ve studied the teachings of many prominent and internationally renowned astrologers as well as completed several professional courses. I’ve developed a unique blend of traditional Western, modern, and psychological astrology. I have also made it a point to incorporate complementary studies into my astrological education including philosophy, ethics, and psychology focusing primarily on the teachings of Carl Jung to help aid in my practice.

Some of the biggest influences for me have been Robert Hand, Sue Thompkins, Dane Rudhyar, Liz Greene, Steven Forrest, Demetra George, Chris Brennan, and Carl Jung. The teachings of Hermeticism, Neoplatonic Stoicism, and analytical psychology play heavily into how I approach my astrological practice.

My consultation style is always one of collaboration with my clients. It will be as open a dialogue as you prefer. I also ensure that my delineation of your chart is not simply descriptive but prescriptive. It’s one thing to simply explain the sorts of dynamics evident in a person’s horoscope. Its another task entirely to provide guidance that can help people use this information to live a meaningful and purposeful life. My mission is that you leave our session with the tools and knowledge necessary to feel inspired and confident dealing with the archetypal influences present in your chart.

Since we were children, society has programmed into us an image of ourselves, one which it deems appropriate. This image may have very little connection to our true identity and can even be in open opposition to our personal needs and desires. Astrology is a tool that can help us realign with our true purpose in this world, a way in which we can discern our authentic story from the mythos involuntarily thrust upon us. My goal is to help others gain insight about themselves in order to facilitate radical and life affirming transformation. This is why I keep my consultation fees modest. I want the opportunity to work with as many people as possible and hopefully change as many lives for the better as possible. That is the greatest gift that astrology has given me.