Life Path & Vocation Guidance

Sometimes there comes a point in our lives where we seek a more authentic expression of ourselves in the work we do. This can be through our careers, our chosen vocations, or the endeavors we engage in outside of our mundane jobs. We may no longer be satisfied with the predictable course we have found ourselves on. Maybe the path we’re walking is not attuned to our core values and principles. Perhaps we find that the story we’re living is disjointed from the vision of the ideal version of ourselves we hold deep within. Even though these moments of existential crisis can feel overwhelming, its important to remember that being lost is the step that occurs right before being found.

One of the greatest applications of Astrology is using it to help illuminate the life you were meant to live. Intrinsically we all know what our path is on an unconscious level. We feel it, yearn for it, and strive for it in hidden ways even if our conscious mind acts against it. It is something we were born imbued with, a charge to greatness. Similar to fate, it is the blueprint to our lives. However, we are still allotted the free will to decide how to manage it. Oftentimes later in our lives we find ourselves in roles thrust upon us by the demands of our community, family, and other external expectations. When we begin to work with our innate providence, life tends to flow more freely. As the saying goes fate guides the willing and drags along the resistant. By examining your natal chart we can validate the inner motivations you feel with the story you came here to write so that you can truly begin to walk in harmony with your destiny.

It’s also possible to see when certain turning points and summits will be made in your life. Astrology is heavily concerned with the study of cycles that present themselves over time. There is an astrological correspondence to why many people experience a reckoning of sorts between 27 and 30 years of age, start new cycles of commitment and responsibility around 37, and encounter major challenges with a need for re-envisioning their life around 42. The timing of this and how it can manifest, particularly through career and vocation, can be seen through an analysis of one’s horoscope.

Our true purpose in life is found within. It cannot be shown to you by an external source alone. It is through our personal experiences and inner reflections that we are able to deduce what that greater purpose is. If the path you choose is based solely on information gathered from outside yourself, then the ultimate course you set upon will not likely align with your personal goals and motivations. As Carl Jung said, “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens.”

By analyzing your uniquely individual natal chart and having an open discussion about it, we’re able to discover your own vision of a meaningful life rather than one implanted by other’s expectations for you. The most common regret people hold is not living a life that was true to themselves. Through astrology we can help clarify and illuminate what that true purpose is. It will show what one needs to feel fulfilled, validated, and attuned with the work they are doing in the world.

I approach my practice not through the mind of a 20th century astro-psychoanalyst but with recognition of the philosophical and cultural outlook of the minds that developed these ancient teachings. They possessed powerful understandings of universal and cosmic law which were steeped in myth, the value of which we are only now beginning to appreciate. Through these teachings, we explore the profound insight the ancients had when viewing the journey of life mirrored by celestial patterns and cycles. I take the grand imagery of the Archetypal energies present in a person’s chart and interpret how they will effectively manifest into the mundane. Though we cannot discern for certain what career will or should be brought forth into one’s life, an individual’s inclinations, talents, motivations, and capabilities are all shown clearly which can then be applied towards their vocational calling.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment one can aim for.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson