Uranus Mars North Node Conjunction

Occurring on August 1, 2022, it is by far one of the most profound planetary transits during the year of 2022. This conjunction is going to be a spark that sets in motion the remainder of what we will experience for the rest of the year. There are major themes of needing freedom and rebelling (Mars Uranus) against the established order of things (squaring Saturn). Boundaries will be pushed. We will likely see an explosive, powerful event followed quickly by an attempt to control the outburst and restore order. This attempt will likely fail and be over-ran by the combined powers of Mars, Uranus, and North Node.

The conjunction between Uranus and the North Node will continue tightly through October so whatever gets setup now will likely culminate then. In October we also get a final square between Uranus (Taurus) and Saturn (Aquarius). This battle between Saturn and Uranus has been raging for the last two years. Saturn being the establishment and Uranus being representative of the common people trying to return to a simpler, back to basics lifestyle. This is restriction vs freedom/rebellion. With Saturn in Aquarius it gives the establishment a tone of trans-personalization, rising above the individual in order to usher in the new age where futuristic technocratic processes may reign over personal freedoms and liberties for the “greater good” of society. With Uranus in Taurus squaring Saturn we get a contrasting tone of rebelling against this technocratic authority from a more personal, earth and grass roots oriented standpoint with an over-arching theme of finding serenity, safety, stability, and spiritual connectedness through simplicity and naturalness.

This will be an explosive ignition (Mars) that causes an electric spark (Uranus) to force a change that needs to happen (NN). The North Node also acts as an amplifier for the energies being brought forth with Mars and Uranus. This is coinciding closely with the New Moon in Leo on the 28th of July as well which trines Jupiter in Aries. This only adds more fuel to a fiery new beginning causing even faster expansion of the dynamics at play. Everything will be put on display to be seen center stage. Unfortunately the generally good vibe energy of a New Moon in Leo gets quickly marred by the upcoming storm from the Uranus Mars North Node conjunction. Fortunately though the New Moon in Leo should help instill some courage in us all to stand strong in the face of it all.

I would expect further issues regarding food chains being disrupted resulting in more scarcity, spreading and escalating revolts against globalism, currencies and global markets experiencing further volatility, and a new chapter opening up which will most likely set the tone for the rest of the year at least, most likely well into March 2023. I would recommend getting all your affairs and finances in order. There is also the possibility for natural disasters with Uranus getting activated in Taurus, particularly fires with Mars. Things are going to get messy for the next few months. If you have lots of fixed sign placements in your chart, you can expect to experience these transits intensely. Look to those houses in your chart to see how you will be affected by this conjunction.

The last time Uranus was at 18 Taurus was 1938. The last time this sort of conjunction has occurred in such a close aspect was Oct 12, 1976 in the sign of Scorpio, a time of deep psychological transgressions, in the midst of the cold war, USSR CHINA and USA all testing nukes, US expanding borders out to 200 miles, forbidding travel to nations like Vietnam and Cuba, Communist party infiltrating countries like France winning municipal elections in 1977, Israel tensions with middle east, many Arab nations saying they will reclaim the land, president Jimmy Carter pleading for a Palestinian homeland to be restored, space race with Russia continuing, and many other tumultuous events all across the world with nations all vying against one another on multiple stages. How fitting that the two main players during this era of transgression, the USSR and United States, are now at it again.

Other prominent events that occurred during that timeframe are as follows:

Oct 12, 1976
On this day exact Hua Guo-Feng succeeds Mao Zedong as chairman of Communist Party after the death of Mao on Sept 1976, During his relatively short period in power, from October 1976 to December 1978, Hua was credited for quickly ousting the Gang of Four from political power and thus became the leader whose emergence marked the end of the Cultural Revolution.

Nov 2, 1976
Jimmy Carter also beat Gerald Ford being the first deep south candidate to beat an incumbent since the civil war. Carter’s legacy and impact on the united states comes from his insistence on American leadership in the protection of human rights around the world helped to subvert the power of communist and other dictatorial regimes

Nov 17, 1976
China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC with the US and USSR also conducting nuclear tests in mid November.

Nov 25, 1976
Viking 1 radio signals from Mars help prove the general theory of relativity

Jan 20, 1977
George H. W. Bush ends his term as 11th director of CIA replaced by E. Henry Knoche as acting director